2012 release: Quantum Ambience

Quantum Ambience is an album of ambient music; a collection of ambient soundscapes, atmospheric textures and space music*.

*'Space music' is "experienced primarily as a continuum of spatial imagery and emotion, rather than as thematic musical relationships, compositional ideas, or performance values"

Quantum Ambience is of a similar genre to the work of musicians such as Klaus Schulze, Geir Jennsen (who releases albums under the name 'Biosphere'), Vangelis, Brian Eno, and others.

Quantum Ambience

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Promotional videos from Quantum Ambience:

There are currently three promotional videos available of tracks from Quantum Ambience:

Quantum Ambience: complete track listing

1 Continuum (6:03)
2 Vortex (5:23)
3 Free Fall (5:59)
4 Dark Matter (7:16)
5 Particle Detector (4:24)
6 Deep Space Hibernation (5:04)
7 Departure (13:28)

Total running time: 47:37

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Quantum Ambience
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Coded Constellations
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Deep Space Hibernation
Particle Detector
Lengthening Shadows
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